Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer Blues

Summer 2008...The most boring summer ever..I just moved in to our new house (exciting huh?!) but guess what I'm stuck at my son's room! I can't even go down to enjoy fresh air. I'm seven months pregnant to my fourth baby ( girl again...I have 2 girls and 1 boy) . My OB told me not to move short complete bed rest! My cervix is semi opened already and I can't go up and down the stairs. Super Boring dito sa house.. I'm like a useless piggy preggy!!!(that's what my kids call me). I'm gaining weight like hell. The thing is if I don't go out of this house...I might end up getting a complication from my present condition...MENTAL DISORDER!! Nakakabaliw na dito sa house. I can't even work. I'm a Freelancer for a manufacturing company that basically sells generic beauty products and glutathione based products (oral tablets, facial wash, soap ) to companies who brand their own and distribute it to various channels like supermarkets, drugstores , or via multi level marketing. ( So if you know of any company who might be interested in doing this....just let me know) Anyways, going back to boredom, I can't imagine myself watching wowowee, ligaw na bulaklak, wheel of fortune, up to babangon ako't dudurugin kita for another two months!!!! and here's more....I'm watching all of these in my son's room, alone, using the jurassic 14" T.v. my mom gave me several years ago! Kakaawa talaga. My kids and husband enjoy the luxury of watching movies and programs in our dream cable at our theater room.(at least doon malaki laki t.v.....coz we recently bought a new LCD with a matching kakaibang DVD player ( kakaiba kasi ngayon lang ako nakakita ng ganun....umaangat and dvd pag inaalis). I have a new hobby ...alone....that is reading the books of my husband. I started reading " I want to be Rich" Wow.. parang ang dali. My husband told me if I want to succeed in life, I should start thinking about it every single minute of the day....But success according to him doesn't happen overnight... It is a journey. I hope to start with the journey by doing the things that I love to this... sharing my thoughts. I will share some of the things I learned from the book in my next entry.... So long